According to John Gottman’s research on couples, 69% of the problems couples have never get resolved.  How do couples survive coming to terms on only 31% of the problems that come up between them? Research shows that whether a couple stays together or separates is often related to the quality of their communications.  However, sometimes a couple gets stuck in a pattern that leads to more and more criticism and harshness from which it is hard to recover.  Both partners usually want to feel more connected and, yet, their actions are leading to the opposite effect.

Couples therapy can help partners share some of the fears they harbor and enable them to feel more empathy with each other. For couples it seems important to step back from the stuck place of conflict and take a look at what fears are underlying the need to hold on to one’s own viewpoint. Couples therapy offers a safe environment to explore these feelings and develop new pattern of interaction.

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Photography: © Isabelle Reiniger