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The first and most difficult step in therapy is seeking out help, and you are already on the road to wellness by being on this website and searching out solutions.

I often have people ask me what they’ll “actually” be doing in therapy.

It always varies, according to each client and what his or her goals for therapy are. Typically, however, there are three things that will happen during our therapy process.

First, you and I will talk about what prompted you to see me. Do certain people bother you, or is there a situation at work or in school that you would like to see change? We’ll talk through it together, and try to understand more about the issue we’re trying to solve.

Second, our discussion might help us uncover some patterns — things you see happening in your life over and over. When we find a pattern, we will take time to explore it and attempt to understand how that pattern works and what function it might be serving in your life.

Third, sometimes these patterns may even come up in therapy in the relationship between you and me. When this happens, your therapy session will be a safe place to test out new ways to manage these kinds of situations.

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